Monotype experiments

I spent the morning in the printshop at Wellesley College yesterday working on some quick experiments in monotype.  Teaching the monoprint workshop this past weekend got me motivated and excited to start working in printmaking again; it’s been a good 2 years since I’ve been able to work on prints.

Monoprint experiment

I’ve been thinking for some time how to approach these prints to coincide with the work I’m doing in drawing. The first thought was to sand the surface of the plexiglass with coarse sandpaper to emulate the surface texture.  The printing ink catches on the sanded surface, creating an intaglio effect in conjunction with the monotype.

After the first print it became quite clear that I needed another few passes of sanding the plexiglass surface.  Additionally, I elected to roll the lower section of the image with the water to a pure black whereas the upper section with the figure would be rolled to a mid grey tone. This provided greater subtleties in the tones of the figure.

Monoprint experiment


One thought on “Monotype experiments

  1. Clara, congratulations for your nice blog notes!
    I’m a visual artist too, living in Greece and
    I appreciate the way you elaborate your art work.
    I made a link on my blog roll so I’ll keep an eye on you!

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