Yesterday I was talking to Tom Mills who teaches Drawing at RISD, and he offered a statement from someone he knew that seemed to resonate my thoughts at the time:  “When you really see, everything is transparent“. Considering that layering and transparency are two driving forces in my crayon drawings, this statement seemed to perfectly summarize my interest in transparency.

Coincidentally, I happened to be doing a figure/space exercise with my Freshman Drawing class at RISD that day where students are instructed to draw through and layer all of the objects in the space as a means of deconstructing and understanding spacial intervals. For this exercise, we look at pencil drawings by Giacometti where he moves seamlessly, back and forth and through objects in space to create cohesion in the drawing. It’s wonderful when things can synchronize like this in a single day.

_MG_0709 (Large)

Drawing by Alberto Giacometti


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