Ideas for Compositions

Before I get into the specifics of these three compositions, I thought it would be important to set general, overall aspects of each composition first. This will allow me to keep a grander picture in mind as I move into working out the details. I found it’s easier to think more clearly about your ideas before you’ve gotten into the trenches with specifics. Below are descriptions of each composition; these verbal descriptions help me visualize what kind of mood and sensibility I want to establish.

1) Composition #1:  Figures are almost entirely immersed in very deep water, showing nothing below the shoulders. The water is very still and quiet.

Composition Idea #1

2) Composition #2: An extremely crowded composition; so crowded, that there’s a sensibility that many figures are completely lost and hidden from view. Additional emphasis on layering of the figures. The water is active, and in some areas splashing everywhere.

Composition Idea #2

3) Composition #3: A crowded composition, which takes huge leaps in terms of scale:  2 very large figures in the foreground quickly jump to tiny heads in the far distance. The water is fairly still, but active.

Composition Idea #3

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