Sculpting Hands & Faces

I’m nearly finished with modeling these figure sculptures. This is the third “round” of sculptures I’m made for this project over the past few years, and it’s always interesting how my approach changes with each round of sculptures.  I think this is a natural progression, but I also think working on the drawings gets me to develop more specifically what I can do with the sculptures to enhance the drawings more.

Studio View

These current sculptures have become noticeably more specific in details that I previously left out deliberately. I’ve been working over the past week on developing the small forms on the hands and the facial features.  (feet aren’t necessary since all of the figures are immersed in water) There were definitely instances when I was working on the drawings last year where I wanted more information and detail in these areas, so this is my way of assuring that that information is available if I need it. Working on these smaller areas changes my sculpting technique: to sculpt finer details I have to become much more reliant on my tools to do the work.  Generally speaking, I tend to like sculpting with my bare hands more, but on a small scale the tools become mandatory. Compared to sculpting with my hands, there’s something about sculpting with tools for me that feels indirect and removed.

I’ve been itching to get to the drawing stage, so I think this week I’ll start some gesture drawings even if some of the sculptures still need more work.

Studio View

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