Back to Drawing

I started some very quick, experimental sketches this week to start thinking about how to translate these sculptures into lithographic crayon drawings. Looking back on the sketches I did, I think the experience was more about getting physical and aggressive with the crayon as a reaction to not having drawn for several months.  To me they do not represent where I would like these drawings to go for the final pieces, rather they served as a way for me to get myself back into a regular process of drawing.

Crayon Sketch

I’ve also been spending time considering lighting and how I might change my approach this time.   In my previous drawings, the majority of the figures are either lit from behind or from above, creating very dark shadowy figures.  I’m thinking now that it may be useful to significantly increase the range of figures: from heavy, dark shadowy ones to extremely light, ethereal figures that nearly disintegrate into the atmosphere.  To create the lighter figures, I could increase the lighting so that the figure is nearly blown out with light.

Crayon Sketch


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