Back to work

Today was the first day I’ve been back in the studio for several weeks, so I spent most of the day trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be in this project right now.  I spent part of the day doing some gesture drawings, but discovered quickly that I was itching to do some compositional sketches.  I’m nowhere near finished with the gesture drawings, but I felt strongly that I needed some kind of visual so I could start to think about what kind of compositions I’d like to work with.

Gesture drawing

Gesture drawing drawn from a sculpture with lithographic crayon. The drawing is on tracing paper laid over a sheet of sanded Dura-Lar, which creates a texture in the drawing as it is made. This simulates the final stage of drawing directly on sanded Dura-Lar.

Digital compositional Sketch

Digital compositional sketch, compiled from scanned drawings which are resized and altered in Photoshop to create a composition.


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