Compositional Sketches

Today I’m continuing work on more digital compositional sketches. After I alter and configure the drawings in Photoshop, I print out hard copies of the compositions and draw on them again to simulate the effect of water in the composition.

I’m crowding these compositions on purpose to see how far I can push the overlapping of figures.  Right now it seems like overkill, but I think that’s the only way I can figure out what is going to be too much. As tempting as it is, I’m trying to refrain from judging these compositions until I can get some distance from them. I’m at RISD tomorrow and Thursday, so I’m hoping that when I’m back on Friday that I’ll be able to look at these compositions with a fresh eye.

It’s too early in the process to really to begin to address this, but the final goal will be to create three drawings that are separate but that work together.  These three drawings will be in a faculty exhibition at the Davis Museum in the fall, so I have to bear in mind how they will display together.

Compositional sketches


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