Final Compositions

After a few days of tediously reworking compositional sketches in both Photoshop and with lithographic crayon, I think I’m very close to what will be the final drawing compositions for the faculty show which will be at the Davis Museum in fall 2010.   The compositions still need a few tweaks here and there, but it’s a relief to actually have something to reference.  Generally speaking, I like to have a lot of time to mull over ideas, but in this case I’ve been itching to get to the drawings because I’ve actually had too much time to think.

Final Compositional Study #2 Final Compositional Study #3 Final Compositional Study #1

Digital compositional sketches, created from scanned crayon drawings altered in Photoshop, printed, and then drawn on again with crayon.  Each sketch is about 22″ x 8″.


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