A New Project: Falling and Shaking

Even though I have a summer deadline looming for “Calculated Risks”, over the past few weeks I have a new idea that’s been boiling for a new project.  The ideas I’m thinking about are strong enough that I can’t ignore them. What’s unusual about this new idea is the fear factor involved, which I generally don’t experience because I usually keep myself emotionally removed from my subject matter.  In the past my tendency has been to take an experience of my own but format it within the context of others which allows me to remove myself from the topic. This new idea is different because of how personal and emotional it is for me. For this reason, I can say that I’m actually afraid of making the decision to move forward and eventually realize this project. At the same time, that seems to be exactly the reason why I need to go forward with it.  I find it ironic that I can talk to my students all day about getting over their fears, and yet when it comes down to it I have the exact same difficulties conquering that fear.

It could be a long while before I’m even able to get to this new project, since after I finish the drawings for the Davis exhibition my intent is to get back into the printshop working on prints of the waders.  However, it always seems that the longer I have to allow a work to simmer, the more prepared I am in terms of the developing an idea when I am ready to get started. My idea for “Wading” actually came about in 2004, but it wasn’t until three years later that I was able to get back to it.

I won’t get into a lot of details on this new idea and where it came from since it’s so early in the process, but right now my thoughts are on images of figures that are falling and shaking at the same time. I see them as falling through an infinite space, with various parts of the body shaking from the slightest tremor to a violent thrust.  Below is a very quick sketch of this new idea.  I’m certain the project won’t look like this, but this was an initial thought.