Drawing: Hitting a Stride

Today in the studio was an important breakthrough in this project.  After months of preparatory work, I was dreading the thought of actually starting on the final drawings. When I finally got to the final drawings last week, there were several days of planning and sketching the composition onto the Dura-Lar.   Even though I was sketching on the final surface, I considered this process as  the finale of the preparatory work.

Studio View

With everything finally in place on the multiple layers of Dura-Lar, I was able to dive right into more a substantial and emphatic drawing approach. I felt a little timid at the beginning, but quickly settled into a bolder rhythm as I worked the surface with the lithographic crayon.  I think about each reflection of each figure as having it’s own distilled “calligraphic gesture”.  When I was first starting this project in 2007, I looked at historical and contemporary Chinese calligraphy for inspiration.  The work I’m doing now is so far removed from that reference, but it’s still an idea I think about when I draw each gesture for the reflections.

Studio View

I think the most important part of today’s drawing session is that I established a platform for these drawings that has instilled back my confidence and direction with these drawings. Looking at the work I completed today, it’s clear that my marks are more open and loose than in previous works which I think is adding to the atmosphere and depth even at this early stage.

Studio View

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