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I’m letting the 10′ x 4′ drawings “sleep” for a few days so that I can clear my head. I haven’t been spent any substantial time in the printshop for a few years now, so it’s exciting to finally be back and printing.

Originally my plan for these monotypes was to play with layering ghost prints on top of each other to achieve translucency, the technique proved to be too unpredictable for me to accomplish the results that I’m looking for. I also began to work the monotype surface with a breyer both to add and remove ink.  This technique allowed me to work the passages of water with more cohesiveness.

Monotype sketch Monotype sketch

(above) On the left is the first monotype of the day; I was too fussy and product-oriented, and it shows. I used the brush a lot in this print and I ended up thinking about details too much. On the right is a monotype I worked on only using rags and a breyer.

Ghost Print Layered Print

(above) On the left is a ghost print, and on the right is the same ghost print with another print layered on top of it.  Since the ghost printing clearly wasn’t working, I started thinking about other ways that I could create layers with monotypes. I pulled a few monotypes on tracing paper and started layering them on top of each other.  My thought right now is to use some kind of combination of chincolle and tracing paper to achieve the layers. One possibility is to create a monotype on paper, create a second monotype on tracing paper, and then to use chincolle to mount the tracing paper monotype on top of the monotype on paper. Another thought would be to print all three monotypes on tracing paper, and then to use chincolle to mount them onto a sheet of printmaking paper.

monotype experiment monotype experiment

One thought on “Back to Printmaking

  1. This all sounds pretty good to me…but I understand that you are looking for a particular outcome. Right now I am trying to do some spit bite photopolymer and not getting anywhere. The last application is on the plate right now and after that it will be bedtime !!! We must be crazy doing printmaking – I should have just been a stamp collector !!!

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