Monotype Layer experiments

I worked more today on experimenting with layers with monotypes printed on tracing paper. The tracing paper absorbs the ink in a completely different manner than the printmaking paper, and the result is that the first and second print have much more potential than I had originally thought.

monotype experiment

(above) The print on the right is the original print, the print on the left is the first ghost print, which I think has a much greater range of values and contrast.

monotype experiment

(above )I started layering the ghost prints on top of the original print, which made for some interesting interactions between the layers. The second ghost print has a delicate, ethereal quality to it which I liked a lot.

monotype experiment

(above)One possible idea I have for these prints is to explore the idea of solitude in an individual figure. I would reference only one sculpture for each print, and create a landscape of that one figure, indicating an image which deals with the experience of one figure.

monotype experiment


One thought on “Monotype Layer experiments

  1. Hi Clara. Love the idea of printing on tracing paper. I have printed on transparent silk before and layered my images. I love your images – they look fabulous layered over each other.

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