Experiments on Fabric

Yesterday I dedicated the day to doing some printing experiments on various fabrics and surfaces. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, as the translucency that I’m working with lends itself perfectly to a range of fabrics. I bought several kinds of organza, chiffon, batiste, and interfacing, all of which have varying degrees of translucency.

Monotype experiment Monotype experiment

The issue I encountered right away was that many of these fabrics were so sheer that they weren’t able to pick up the richest blacks, and instead looked much more like ghost prints. The monotype on the left (above) is the first print on organza. The monotype on the right was printed on interfacing which is much more cotton-like and absorbent, so I was able to get richer blacks.  The drawback with the interfacing was that it did not have as translucent a quality as the organza and chiffon.

Monotype experiment

I also thought about the possibility of layering prints using different materials:  putting a sheet of organza over the interfacing allowed more of a range of values. In the end though, I found myself simply seduced by the idea of printing on fabric. Compared against the monotypes on tracing paper, the printed image read much better on the tracing paper prints.

Studio View

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