Yesterday I knew things weren’t going well when I discovered myself in complete denial of where I was going with these monotypes.  I had settled into a predictable routine that felt stale and procedural.   I knew I was bored with my approach and process, and didn’t want to admit it to myself.   Today I wrestled with trying to get myself out of the predictability and worked to make some major changes in my approach to shift things around.  I started off the day trying to tighten up my marks to give them a little more tension and emphasis, as I felt in the previous monotypes that the marks were too scatter brained.


(above) The first monotype of the day yielded decent results, but it really wasn’t good enough for me. Tightening up helped the image somewhat in the water passages, but I still felt unsatisfied and I knew that I was up for a big change. My mind started wandering to the thought of creating drypoints and woodcuts, but I really wanted to see these monotypes through without giving up so early in the process. I started thinking about a sketch I did at least a year ago where a figure was “drowning” simultaneously while it waded in the water.(below)

12th Drawing of 20 Drawings

I started another monotype (below) which took this image but reversed the lighting situation I had been using, and took advantage of the darkness in the background to help the sense of space.  It ended up being the first monotype I had done in a few days that felt new and fresh.


This final monotype of the day (below) I was pretty excited about, simply because it seemed to have the bite and tension to it that I had been looking to implement earlier.


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