RISD Summer Foundation Studies: Midterm Self-Critiques

I ask students at Wellesley College and RISD to fill out self-critique forms at midterm and finals. This process provides students the opportunity to stop and reflect upon their progress and development over the course of the semester.The self-critiques always have an amazing range of thoughts and opinions:  they’re insightful, intelligent, funny, revealing, engaging, serious, and much more. Despite the fact that I’ve taught the same courses several times with the same self-critique form, I’m continually surprised and inspired by what students have to say.

Summer 2010, Midterm Self-Critiques
Summer Foundation Studies, RISD

Images of student work from this class on my Flickr page.

“Sometimes my style bores me.”
“For the third assignment there was almost no risk, and I regret that.”
“I really need to keep in mind that what I put in is what I’ll get out.”
“I’ve started to realize that accuracy isn’t the key to a good drawing “
“One thing that made a huge difference for me was when I realized that the whole point of me being in this class is so that I could try anything, whether I succeed or fail.”
“I concentrate too much on what my work will look like at the end, and need to concentrate more on the skills associated with that.”
“Hopefully I don’t turn out to be like the aspiring author who just studies grammar, but ends up with nothing to say.”


“Texture” assignment by a student in my RISD Summer Foundation Studies Drawing course. Lithographic crayon on paper, 36″ x 48″

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