Large Scale Printing

I had my first day working with the 46″ x 30″ plexiglass plate, printing on sheets of organza and interfacing. The interfacing is a terrific material to print on; it’s sheer but also highly absorbent, so it allows me to get rich blacks that are almost as strong as when I’m printing on printmaking paper.

Studio View

(above) The print on the left has been printed on interfacing, and is 46″ x 30″.

I’m pretty excited about the way the organza layers on top of the interfacing in the water passages, as it’s starting to take on some luminous and transparent qualities. However, the  figures are becoming problematic for me because they are starting to feel clumsy when compared to the water passages.  I think right now I’m articulating the figures too graphically,  which makes them too blunt against the delicacy of the water passages. Right now I’m thinking that perhaps the figures  would work better if they were softer, more atmospheric, and merged slightly with the background.

Monotype test

(above) interfacing print with 2 organza prints layered on top, 46″ x 30″.  This is not a finished piece, rather a test to see how the layers could potentially interact together. My idea is to print many layers of organza, and then to play around with the various prints and match specific ones together to create compositions.

Monotype test

(above) another monotype test, organza layered over interfacing, 46″ x 30″.

The biggest challenge of the day was the scale of these monotypes.  At 46″ x 30″ the plexiglass plate is quite awkward and heavy.  I’m also working on a small light board which makes it impossible for me to see the entire image all at once when I’m working on the plate. I have to continually move the plate around to be able to see what I’m working on. I’m hoping as I work on these more, I’ll figure out some strategies for coping with this better.

One thought on “Large Scale Printing

  1. wow, fantastic. I do see what you are saying about the figures though. I think if you could make them a little softer and like you said a little more atmospheric the whole piece would be a little more mysterious!

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