Printmaking Formats

I’ve been ruminating over the past week about finding a different format for these monotypes. At first I had myself convinced that the monotypes would simply have a bottom layer of interfacing, with two layers of organza fabric on top. You can see in my notes below that I considered a possible scroll format and various ways to hang the scroll.

Studio Notes

However, after experimenting last week, I discovered that the richness of the black was significantly diminished when the organza was laid on top of the interfacing. I started thinking of different strategies that I could implement which could potentially allow me to preserve the blacks on the interfacing layer.

Studio Notes

I was talking to one of my colleagues who came up to see my drawings a few weeks back, and one of their comments was they thought that my drawings were increasingly moving towards installation. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who would be interested in installation, but the 10′ x 4′ drawings I completed for the Davis Museum exhibition have me thinking differently. That said, I tried to think of a completely different format than what I had originally envisioned, and came up with the idea of a giant print installation of layered prints.  With each print measuring 46″ x 30″, it would be one of the largest pieces I’ve ever constructed. In the image below, you can see how that might come to fruition. Right now I think it’s either a terrible idea or a great one.  The only way I’ll find out is to actually construct it on the wall to see if it can actually work.

Studio Notes


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