Trial Run for Print installation

I worked on three monotypes today, making for just two more to go to finish this series. As I worked in the studio today, I knew I was becoming impatient with my process as I started to feel repetitive and monotonous in  my markmaking.   To me all of this was a signal that it’s almost time to stop.


I’ve been eager to see these prints come together as a large scale installation, so I did a quick trial run by hanging the monotypes I have so far in the hallway.

Trial Run

Early on, I made the mistake of spacing the interfacing prints evenly across the wall, which made the composition more monotonous that I wanted. I didn’t realize this until I had already hung all of the organza prints over the interfacing prints, so that will be an important feature for me to correct the next time I hang the installation.

Trial Run

(above) The hallway wasn’t wide enough for me to be able to get enough distance to shoot an image of the whole thing all at once, so I stitched together four images  in Photoshop. Granted, this composition was completely spontaneous and not thought through at all, but it gave me a much more concrete sense of where I’m going, and what the possibilities are.  One thought I had was to make some smaller organza prints so that I could work some smaller figures to create more distance and depth.  I suppose this is inevitable anytime you do a trial run, but I’m also seriously questioning whether the large scale of this is necessary, and whether this would work better as 4 separate prints. Part of me is really excited about the large scale, but the other part of me worries that I’m making it large just to make it large, and not because my project necessarily needs to be that way.

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