Print Installation: Assembly Process

I printed my last two monotypes in the printshop this morning, completing the final round of monotypes. This allowed me to focus on assembling the installation in the afternoon.


I took apart the prints that I had assembled earlier in the week and started from scratch again, bearing in mind what I wanted to change this time around in terms of the composition. The large scale of the 46″ x 30″ monotypes made it tough to maintain a grasp of the entire composition, so I did a lot of stepping back to try to view the piece in its entirety. I’m still reserving judgment on this piece since I’ve been looking at it too much and have lost the ability to see the composition clearly.  I’m leaving it alone for a few days and will come back and take another look then.

Studio View

Print Installation

(above) The final composition.  It’s nearly impossible to get a sense of the scale from this digital image.

Detail of Print Installation

(above) detail of the final composition

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