With the print installation complete, I’m now in a transitional phase between projects. Most of the time I’m immersed in some large project, so to be between projects is a fairly rare event. I may do some preliminary drawing for my new project, “Falling”, but to me that project won’t really be able to begin until I do my film shoot which is scheduled for Sept. 13. I elected today to work on a small woodcut, just for fun and to see if I wanted to pursue the waders in another print medium.

Studio View

I haven’t made any woodcuts for several years now, and it was nice and unusual to do something for myself, and not because I have a deadline or a big project. I knew when I was finished that it was just a temporary distraction, and that really I’m ready to move on from this topic.

Studio View

At the same time, something was still bothering me about the first version of the print installation. I went back today and reassembled it, trying to keep in mind how to make more fluid transitions between the darkest figures. I also removed one of the figures which was noticeably smaller than all of the others, and for this reason was making the scale look odd.

Print Installation, Version #2
(above) version #2 of the print installation

Print Installation, version #1
(above) version #1 of the print installation

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