Silverpoint grounds

I continued with these small scale studies of celery roots today, trying out two different kinds of grounds on hot press watercolor paper. The images I did earlier I used clay coat paper, which is very smooth and allows the silverpoint stylus to glide across the surface very easily. I experimented with Golden’s silverpoint ground and also a Chinese white watercolor paint. I noticed right away that the silverpoint ground yielded a wider tonal range, allowing for more contrast in the marks. On the other hand, the actual drawing process felt less delicate to me, and at times felt very similar to drawing with a pencil.  I’m reserving judgment right now, since the drawings need several months to fully tarnish, but right now I think I like the silverpoint ground better than the watercolor paint.

Celery Root Study VII

(above) celery root study on watercolor paper, silverpoint ground, 12″ x 9″

Celery Root Study VI

(above) celery root study on clay coat paper, 12″ x 9″


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