Time and Space to Think

For the first time in a long while, I have time and space to think. This week and next week I have continuous days to think about my work, without the pressure of a deadline, an exhibition, or teaching.  Right now classes aren’t in session, the Jewett Art Gallery is closed, and I don’t have any shows lined up for the fall; it’s rare for me to have all three of these areas simultaneously inactive. During the academic year I always feel like I’m in a constant state of  distraction which makes it challenging to retain continuity in my work. At the same time moments like these make me feel conflicted:  part of me feels like I can finally breathe and slow down, the other part of me feels impatient and restless.  Since I’m used to being really busy, at times I have to justify to myself that sitting around and thinking about my project isn’t a waste of time.

Today I’m thinking about various ways that I can visually depict movement. It seems like I can state that there are two extremes: 1) literal movement through an animated piece, and 2) still drawings that show movement. I can immediately eliminate the fact that I’m not interested in creating a narrative film. This leads me to believe that I need to find an approach which combines various aspects of both extremes. What are ways to combine these approaches? Is there a midpoint which marries these two extremes together in a subtle manner?


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