More Gesture Drawings

Studio View

I continued today with the 5 minute gesture drawings done in lithographic rubbing ink with a mars plastic eraser. I was able to devote the entire day to these drawings, so I gave myself the goal of filling up the rest of the bulletin board in my office. As I worked and compared today’s drawings to the drawings from last week, it became apparent that the drawings were becoming more harsh, stark, and black.

Gesture Drawing

Eventually I will want to transition to a large scale, and I’ve been thinking about whether I can keep using the lithographic rubbing ink and the mars plastic eraser. I briefly toyed with the idea of using a black oil bar or even oil paint, but there’s something about the interaction of the sticky lithographic rubbing ink and the stiffness of the mars plastic eraser that allows me to create tension on my marks that I’m not sure I’m ready to give up yet.

Gesture Drawing

I have many levels of goals for this project, but one of the most important goals I have is to create a figure that is simultaneously vulnerable and powerful at the same time. I’m looking to create a figure that is inflicting violent, aggressive movements onto itself.

Gesture Drawing

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