Back in the printshop

I’ve been really busy with teaching over the past few weeks, so I was excited to be able to squeeze in just a few hours this morning in the printshop. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to translate the experience of working with the lithographic rubbing ink on charcoal paper to a greater scale.

Gesture Drawing

lithographic rubbing ink on paper, 12″ x 9″

Today I experimented with monotype, trying to figure out another way to create these images. I ended up using a photographic reference in conjunction with the lithographic rubbing ink drawings as another visual resource. I started out staying very faithful to the photographs, thinking that perhaps that between the gesture of the figure and the darkness of working reductively with monotype that that would be enough. I kept a fast pace, spending about 20-30 minutes on each monotype to preserve the gestural qualities that I was looking for. As I worked the monotype, it quickly became clear how banal the drawing looked with that approach and that it needed much more to create the punch that I’m looking for in these images. It took me a few minutes to get over my fear, but when I did, I essentially went at the plate with some fierce marks, moving across the image of the figure with a cotton rag. Looking back at the images from today, I think I can push myself much more with these final marks on the figure.  The images also have a stark contrast to them that I think I might need to play with some more, it seems like I need to expand my range of greys to get more subtlety in the images.

Falling Study

monotype, 24″ x 18″

Falling Study

monotype, 24″ x 18″

3 thoughts on “Back in the printshop

  1. I really like the top image: “lithographic rubbing ink on paper.” It is a drawing rather than a monotype? It has an incredible completeness and unity – like a classic ink brush painting.

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