I’m beginning to put together in my head how I want to proceed technically with these drawings.  I’m thinking that the drawings will be initially be done with printmaking ink, applied to the sanded surface of Dura-lar with my hands. I’ll allow the ink to dry, and then add lithographic crayon and scrape away with an x-acto knife in order to add clarity and details to the figure.  I like how this technique would allow me to balance between the more gestural qualities of the printmaking ink and the tightness of drawing with the x-acto knife.

Today I reworked several of the drawings that I had done earlier, this time really using the x-acto knife and lithographic crayon to firm up specific areas. In doing so, I’m finding that I’m moving much more towards representation, a direction I haven’t taken in many years.  So much of my recent work has been about creating anonymous and visually ambiguous figures that I’m quite surprised by this turn of events.

Falling Study

Falling Study

a detail of the drawing; you can see the x-acto knife marks and the lithographic crayon mixed in with the printmaking ink here.

Falling Study

Falling Study

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