Faces and Anatomy

I’ve been working today on articulating the facial features in the figure. Early on when I was an undergraduate at RISD I had a fascination with portraiture, that I initially tried to satisfy and pursue in terms of portrait commissions.  Now that I look back on it, my experience with portrait commissions actually had the opposite effect: I stopped painting faces entirely after doing a few frustrating commissions.  Now after avoiding faces in my last three projects, it’s refreshing and new to come back to this subject matter after so many years away from it.

Another topic I seem to be embracing in this project is anatomy; over the past few years, I’ve taught numerous courses on anatomy, and I went to a graduate school that placed a strong emphasis on anatomy. Like the faces, the anatomy disappeared almost entirely from the figures in my recent projects. Working on this project is like coming home again to anatomy and portraiture, topics I worked on heavily in my early training.  It makes me think that this project is letting me show everything that I’ve been hiding over the past few years.

Falling Study, Detail

Falling Study, Detail

Falling Study, Detail

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