I’m working on some test studies right now so I can figure out better how the overall process is going to function in terms of moving from the initial thumbnail sketches to the final drawings.  The ultimate goal I have for myself is to create a series of 25 drawings that are 6′ x 4′. That goal is a long ways away, but it keeps me focused amongst all of the sketches and studies I’ve been working on. Over the past week, I’ve completed one finished study that is allowing me to see how the three layered drawings could potentially work together. My first impression is to go with two layers instead of three; the difference between the top layer and the other two layers seems to be too much of a contrast, and having two figures would simplify the compositions. I also think that much more needs to be done with the smearing of the printmaking ink to get the images to have more of a connection with each other, and to activate the negative space as well.

I’ll be working with actress Marianna Bassham again soon which will provide some much needed references, particularly in the hands in feet.  During the film shoot, I had her performing on several cushions and pillows to keep her from hurting herself, but the consequence is that in many of my photographs, the hands and feet are obscured. This upcoming photo session will allow me to photograph specific poses I’ve chosen from the film footage, and to shoot high resolution details of areas like the face, hands, and feet.  I’m excited because I feel like I’ve been holding off on drawing some more sustained studies because I’m lacking the right references.

Below are the three separate images, and then as they are seen layered on top of each other.

IMG_4369Falling Study

Falling Study

Falling Study

Falling Study: layer test

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