Self-Portrait: Thematic Developments

I’m starting to figure out the themes of  the series of self-portraits  that I had conceived of a few weeks back.  A new idea that I have is about hiding what’s really happening underneath the surface; about having to act and behave like everything is fine when really it’s not. I think we’ve all experienced this to different degrees, and so I’m hoping there will be a universal appeal to this idea despite the fact that the topic is very personal. This combined with themes of self-loathing I think will make for a strong combination of emotional themes for the portraits.  The portraits will be a companion series to the figurative pieces I’ll be working on.

Below is a study that I recently worked into this past week. The drawing is 24″ x 36″, and executed with etching ink and lithographic crayon.

Falling Study

Falling Study

Falling Study


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