With the etching ink finally dry, I was able to go back into two self-portraits today with the exacto knife and lithographic crayon. This process got me thinking about the relationship between these two stages.  It’s a delicate balance I have to walk: I want the etching ink process to stay very loose and gestural, with an emphasis on being playful and deliberate with the marks.  The exacto knife/crayon work allows me to clarify and tighten up the details of the form, but I constantly struggle with just how far to go with the specificity. Too many details makes the drawing look too nice refined, losing the edge and bite that I’m looking for. Reflecting back on today’s work, I think that introducing more specificity with the etching ink will allow me to do less exacto knife/crayon work, and place more emphasis on the gesture of the drawing rather than on the details.

Both drawings below are 24″ x 18″, etching ink and lithographic crayon on Dura-Lar.

Self-Portrait Study

Self-Portrait Study

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