I’ve been on a roll this week thanks to spring break at Wellesley, so I was able to complete work on the second pass of three self-portraits today.  It’s wonderful to have consecutive days of uninterrupted studio time.  Looking at the images so far, part of me is still a little freaked out about the representational approach that I’m taking to these self-portraits.  There’s something startling about the experience of creating realistic images that I’m still trying to get used to. I think part of it is I have a tendency to torture myself by getting self-conscious about my drawing technique. (Is it good enough?  Shouldn’t I be better at this by now?) My goal with these images is to create a heightened reality, an intensified version of what would happen in reality. It’s a fine line in that if you are too close to reality the image can easily become boring.

Self-Portrait Study

In this detail below you can see better the kind of texture and surface of the drawing.

Detail of Self-Portrait Study

Self-Portrait Study

Self-Portrait Study

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