50 Drawings

Now that I’ve abandoned the idea of layering the images, I’m trying to brainstorm other options in terms of how to present these drawings.  I had initially conceived of this project as having three stages: “0-3”, “3-10”, and “10-0”. Now I’m thinking that one sequence of images from from left to right would be more simple and direct. The sequence would be similar to having animation stills, with a different facial expression to communicate the emotional descent. The self-portrait on the far left would be the calm, emotional front and then progress into the a state of extreme agitation, and finally ending with the aftermath of the experience.  I’m thinking it would be 50 drawings, each of which would be 4′ x 3′.  The quantity of the drawings seems a little over the top, but I like the idea of setting a monumental task for myself. The majority of my work in the past has been limited to no more than 20 pieces per body of work, so this would be new territory for me.


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