Midterm Self-Critiques

The latest round of midterm student self-critiques arrived this week.  It’s always enlightening and really interesting for me to read through everyone’s thoughts and reflections.  I find that for many students, they are able to candidly reveal more of themselves on paper in a way that would be hard for them to do in person.  Below are some excerpts from my RISD Freshman Drawing class.  You can also see images of student work from this class on my Flickr page.

“I reference my classmates so much in my self-critique because I feel I have much to learn from them.”
“I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes because being timid and accurate is not better.”
“If there is one thing in terms of approach that I have learned so far this term, it is that art is not formulaic.”
“I like my work too much.”
“The most important realization that I have had is that I can do it.”
“I feel like I’m finally learning what it means to be an artist.”
“I need to prevent myself from becoming so enamored in detail or the parts of the drawing I’m most interested in, and instead focus on developing the whole.”
“The most important thing is not the final result, but what I learned from the process.”
“Drawing makes the brain work.”
“I want so badly to succeed, to feel proud of a drawing, that I end up with something very tame and, frankly, disappointing.”
“I feel I am learning how to become braver each week.”


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