Student Self-Critiques

The school year is quickly wrapping up right now.  I finished classes at Wellesley last week and RISD has just two more weeks to go.  I’ve been reading through the final self-critiques submitted from my students at Wellesley this week, it’s always a wonderful experience to read what they write.  Below are some excerpts.

“I have learned to think more creatively about the world around me. “
“I learned a lot about working on something that seems simple – just putting marks on paper – but is actually incredibly complex.  “
“You can always go further.  “
“I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to. “
“I saw how much my life was enriched by my having drawing. “
“I have learned that it takes time in order to develop quality pieces. “
“This class has changed the way I look at things around me.”
“Abstraction and representation are not so different. “
“I can actually draw!  I never thought that before.

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