“Just start”

I’m finally starting to get into a good rhythm today.  Part of it is having long, uninterrupted stretches of time to work, but it also has to do with the process of getting started.  My former colleague Bill Flynn from SMFA has a great saying: “Just start”.  Now that I’ve started, I feel like I’m deep in the trenches of this project, and my fear is finally starting to subside.

I now have 6 drawings that have the first pass of etching ink, 1 sketched out in vine charcoal and three drawings that are finished.  Having 10 drawings going all at once already makes the 50 drawings seem quite in reach. I finished No. 3 this afternoon:

Self-Portrait No. 3

And started No.7 and No. 8:

Self-Portrait No. 7

Self-Portrait No. 8


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