I’m starting to shift the emphasis of my process more towards the etching ink.  I’m trying to accomplish more at this stage rather than leaving it to the exacto knife to fix everything later in the process. This allows me to do less work with the exacto knife which works well; I’m having to split up the time I spend with the exacto knife carefully, since it’s physically hard on my hand, and I have to try not to do too much all at once.

I finished Self-Portrait No. 4 yesterday:

Self-Portrait No. 4

I started the first pass of etching ink on No. 10 as well.  This portrait is probably the most unusual portrait I’ve done so far.  The majority of portraits I’ve done have been very expressive in terms of conveying a specific emotion, and this portrait seems so subdued and “normal” comparatively speaking. I do think that this portrait is very important in the context of this series: someone I was talking to yesterday told me that they were surprised to see the kind of artwork I create because they see my usual personality as outgoing, happy, and social.  I’ve been hiding the depression for so long, that it’s hard for a lot of people to believe that I’ve experienced these emotions.  This portrait is the face that I’ve been hiding behind for all of these years.


Self-Portrait No. 10


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