This series has gotten me to explore parts of the face that I haven’t approached before.  I find with these expressions that I’m working with that I’m drawing a lot of teeth and lips in rather contorted poses. When I did a lot of portraits many years ago, it was always that usual reserved expression on the face which never fully explored the range of what the human face is capable of. I had fun yesterday working on the lips in the image below.  The texture form of the lips reminded me of a giant worm.

Self-Portrait No. 7

The self-portrait below is quite different from most of the others I’ve done up until this point. Unlike most of the other portraits which feature exaggerated, distorted expressions, this one was comparatively serene and relaxed. In a lot of ways, I actually found this self-portrait to be more challenging in that the expression isn’t exaggerated; there are no wrinkles or compression of the skin for me to dig into, so it’s tougher to articulate the form.

Self-Portrait No. 8

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