Fear and Anxiety

This week I’ve been thinking about is the levels of anxiety that the creative process can put you through. I keep thinking about the “danger” of accomplishing a successful work. Every time I create a piece where I’m truly excited about the results, a fear and anxiety settles in that I will never make anything as successful ever again.  The anxiety is truly irrational, because clearly over my lifetime I’ve continued to produce pieces that I feel are achieving my goals. But it’s still there, and it’s something that I think about every time I sit down to begin a new piece. Fear and anxiety are definitely topics I talk about frequently in this blog, but I’m convinced more and more that to be an artist is to live in a state of fear and anxiety on a regular basis.

Studio View

In other developments,  my summer teaching schedule kicked into high gear so I’ve been behind on posting and I’m now only getting into the studio three afternoons a week. I’ve actually been continually producing, but I’m fallen behind in posting images on this blog. The other aspect I’ve been trying to work on is updating my portfolio on various artist registries and researching/applying to various venues for this project. The process is a lot of busy work, but it’s been a while since I’ve really made a major effort to put the work out there. Now that I have seventeen portraits completed, it was really time for me to get back to this. You can view my online portfolios here:

Artists Space Registry
Drawing Center Viewing Program
Saatchi Online

Studio View


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