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I think I’m about to hit an important milestone in this project: I’ve finished eighteen self-portraits, with numbers nineteen and twenty already in the works. In the past, all of my projects have been set up to create about fifteen to twenty works, and for some reason I’ve always thought of twenty as the stopping point for a project.  Twenty works has always seemed substantial enough to be able to officially call it a body of work.  It’s the maximum number of works that are usually requested any time you apply for something, and has always seemed “manageable”. I initially set the number for this series as being fifty self-portraits, simply because that number seemed so gargantuan for me, and it felt anything but manageable. So in a lot of ways I see myself as entering uncharted territory: what changes and developments will occur in the second half of the project?  How will the project evolve both technically and conceptually?  How will I keep things interesting and fresh for myself?

Self-Portrait No. 18

Self-Portrait No. 18

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