A Minor Change

Self-Portrait No. 18 Self-Portrait No. 18
Last week I was feeling so certain that I was finished with Self-Portrait No. 18 (as seen above) when I was in the studio. However, the more I looked at it online and in my digital images the more the slight smirk on the left hand side of the mouth felt awkward and misplaced.  I tried to delude myself into thinking that I could leave it alone, but in the end I had to go back to remove the smirk and create an expression which was more serious grave.

Self-Portrait No. 19

I also finished Self-Portrait No. 19 last week.  This portrait is unusual in that taken out of context, it could easily be mistaken as someone who is laughing based on the gesture of the mouth. My hope for this piece was that it would make more sense in the context of the other self-portraits, and that the emphasis on the veins popping out around the eye lids and all of the wrinkles in the lower eye lids would contribute to the intensity of the emotion.


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