Upcoming Transitions

Studio View

Summer session at Wellesley ends this week, which means I have three weeks in the studio coming up. I’ll be wrapping up the summer session while prepping for the fall semester at the same time, but I know that I’ll still manage 3-4 hours daily in the studio. I’ll have to move out of the studio space I’ve been using at the end of August, so I’ll also have to shift gears there and move back into working in my office.

The two drawings I wanted to work on today weren’t quite all the way dry, so instead I took the time to pump out the etching ink process of three new portraits, #26, #25, and #24. I have to be careful about when I do the etching ink part because the ink takes so long to dry. (generally almost 2 weeks) So it’s a balance of making sure there’s always something to work on, while also lining up pieces that are drying, and dividing up the tasks to keep my hands from doing too much of the same action.

Studio View

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