“Favorite” Things

Self-Portrait No. 27 (Detail)

Do you have “favorite” areas of your work that you like to work on more than others? Do you save these “favorite” areas for last, or do you indulge yourself in them right away? Lately I’ve been thinking lately about the order I work on things. Inevitably, there are always parts of the drawing that one enjoys working on more than others, and areas that you dread working on for one reason or another. In terms of portraits, I’ll admit that I most look forward to working on the eyes and then the mouth; two of the most expressive features on the face that really carry almost the entire weight of the expression. If you nail the eyes and the mouth, everything else can fall into place.

In general I don’t like working on the hair and the forms that recede into darkness, like the large shadows on the side of the face. This is not to say that I’ll put less effort on an area if I don’t enjoy working on it; in fact it’s the opposite.  When I work on an area I don’t enjoy as much I have to ask more of myself and watch myself more to keep from getting lazy and careless. As for the order I do things in?  When I’m ready to work on details and get into the smaller forms, I indulge myself, and begin with the eyes, mouth, noses, and lastly the hair.

I had a productive day; finishing off No. 26(bottom)  and No. 27(top).  I’m pretty excited about No. 27, I think I captured the intensity of the moment that I was looking to achieve.

Self-Portrait No. 27


Self-Portrait No. 26

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