Self-Portrait No. 28

I worked on N0. 28 today, which proved to be the most effortless piece that I’ve worked on so far in this series.  I feel ridiculous saying this, but I was astounded at how easy this piece was to complete. The etching ink work was already working so well on it’s own, so I found myself with very little to do with the lithographic crayon and exacto knife. The etching ink really took care of the majority of the forms, so there wasn’t too much that I felt needed further articulation.  The entire experience was so easy that I feel “guilty” about it.  All in all, I think this piece only took about two hours to complete, as opposed to the usual four to five hours that these pieces generally require.  For me this piece is a complete anomaly; I can’t remember the last time I worked on something that felt so right and easy. I’ll have to enjoy this piece while I can, because I started working on No. 29 today, and I can tell already that the struggles and challenges are immediately back again. I wasn’t thrilled with the etching ink work to begin with, that I know I will have a lot to compensate for with the lithographic crayon and exacto knife. It was nice to experience this, if only for a moment.

One thought on “Easy

  1. For all the fine art people will recognize this. You work hard and struggle and then out of the blue you can make something just wonderful in a second.

    Don,t ever think it can be good , it is a gift for hard working and it will happen again !

    Make wonderful work as you do!

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