Done… for now

Self-Portrait No. 31

I finished No. 32 today, finishing up this first “phase” of the project.  I’ve gone through all of the Dura-Lar I have, and I’m also moving out of one of the studios here at Wellesley and back into my office for a workspace. I’m glad to be more than halfway finished, it makes the last 18 pieces seem a lot easier to complete.

RISD doesn’t begin until mid-September, so I have a reduced teaching schedule until then, giving me more time in the studio. My plan is to spend this time away from the portraits refocusing on the figure drawings that I want to do once the self-portraits are finished. Now that I have a stronger handle on the drawing technique, I have a much clearer vision of what I want to accomplish with the figures.

Self-Portrait No. 31 (Detail)


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