Multiple Opportunities

I have a number of irons in the fire now, and I’m working to carefully balance all of these projects at the same time, while still teaching at RISD and Wellesley.  Right now I have these independent projects going on:

1) 50 self-portrait drawings from Falling, in preparation for a solo show at the Brown Hillel Gallery in March 2012.

2) Preliminary work on a drawing book and then waiting for the green light for publication.

3) 50 figure drawings from Falling, the final installment of this series.

4) Book manuscripts and illustrations from Dollies

Do I work on everything every day?  No, in fact I tend to work on what I’m the most excited about at any given moment, as that tends to be the most satisfying and the most efficient way for me to work. I have enough projects going on simultaneously that if I get fed up or frustrated with one, there’s always something else to work on.

What I’m finding is helpful is to figure out what kind of chunks of time are useful for each project. For example, working on the drawing book I’ve found works well in shorter spurts of time: an hour here, an hour there.  I don’t do well sitting down and writing continuously for hours at a time so it’s nice to break up my days with the writing. I’m also fine letting myself be interrupted/distracted when I write; checking the occasional email or doing something for teaching is fine.  On the flip side, when I’m drawing in the studio, I need at least 2 hours of completely uninterrupted time to be able to be productive.

Here’s where I am now: I’m working on the book in a frantic hurry right now to meet several preliminary deadlines, so that’s where my mind is most focused right now. Luckily, the 50 self-portraits are on hold for now until I my order of Dura-Lar comes in and I do another photo shoot, giving me a well deserved break from the project. I’ve been looking at the photo references for the 50 figure drawings, which will soon be in the sketching stage, working on short-term drawing studies and sketches.  I’ll also need to do another photo shoot before I can move ahead with those as well. I’ve already sent out the Claradolly manuscript to publishers/agents, I have the Alexdolly manuscript ready to send out at any time, and I’m working on the Impatient Dolly manuscript and illustrations now. Yes, I would say this is the busiest it’s ever been, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Opportunities

    1. Mental illness comes from my own personal experience. As for the figure, that has always been with me, I have somewhat of a lifetime obsession with the human form, and I’ve never found a reason to want to study anything else.

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