Life Size

Gesture Drawing

As I’m working on these gesture drawings, I’m starting to think through some of the logistics of scale that I will be encountering once I get to the large sheets of 6′ x 4′ Dura-Lar. The most important thing to me is that the figure is precisely life size. This is new territory for me; in the past my figures have always been either smaller or bigger than life size.  I’ve always thought of a life size figure as boring: it’s what you see and encounter everyday. Once you shrink or enlarge a figure it becomes something outside of reality, it gains all sorts of expressive qualities and meanings. Since I’m aiming for a stark reality, life size makes sense for what I’m trying to achieve.

There will be a wide range of different standing, sitting, or crouching poses with these drawings, so I will likely have to do some basic measuring to make sure that the scale of the figure is consistent throughout the series. I hate measuring the human figure more than anything; I’ve always felt strongly that measuring is such an artificial way to construct a figure. But in this case I think the measuring will be necessary, otherwise there is the risk that over the series of fifty drawings there will be some that appear smaller or larger than another.  That’s an inconsistency that I really don’t want to risk happening.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture Drawing


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