Time Management

Studio View

Today I was finally able to carve out time out of my schedule to work on a pass of etching ink for the first of eighteen portraits I have left to complete.  I taught class in the morning, and then found about an hour in the studio before I had to set up an opening reception at the Jewett Gallery (where I’m the gallery director). I was a little nervous about squeezing the time in, but in some ways that added pressure which forced me to work more quickly and efficiently.  Speaking of time management, I was talking to a student of mine who said the first day of class she overheard me talking to someone else who was asking how I juggle so many things. The student told me that I said “I just ask myself what I have to do in the next thirty minutes”. If you look too far ahead it’s too easy to get overwhelmed.

The portrait I worked on today and the next one I’ll work on are different in that the faces are primarily draped in shadow. I will have to work harder to make these areas in shadow more dimensional, as they can quickly fall flat without careful attention and consideration.

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