Studio View

Since taking time away from the self-portraits, I’ve been trying to jumpstart the project again by getting a number of pieces underway with the etching ink process.  I’ve been letting them dry over the past week so that I could get into them with the exacto knife and lithographic crayon this week.

Until today, I hadn’t finished a portrait since the break, and I worried the whole time that somehow I would “forget” how to make these portraits and lose the momentum I had in the first part of the project. I felt like I needed to concretely prove to myself that I could do this again. I’ve always felt that I constantly have to prove myself in every professional context I’m in, but actually the most difficult situation is to prove myself to myself.  The anticipation being worse than the event, I wrapped up a productive afternoon with the completion of No. 35, my “proof” to myself that I could continue and eventually finish this project.

Self-Portrait No. 35

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