A Mix of Emotions

Self-Portrait No. 34 (Detail)

I put the finishing touches on Self-Portrait No. 34 this afternoon, and got to work on No. 33 as well. I think No. 34 (as seen above) has an interesting mix of emotions. As a portrait, the point of view in this portrait  is as straightforward as you can get: a dead on, symmetrical view of the face that is inherently flat looking.  I’ve always felt that this was the most challenging view of the face, as it’s so much easier to get variety in shapes with almost any other view of the head. I think what makes this portrait unique in this series is the fact that “I” am making eye contact with the viewer, which doesn’t really happen in any of the other portraits.  I worked to create a blend of a number of emotions in this portrait, trying to establish this  in the subtleties of the facial expression.  I wanted to make her angry, intimidating, and powerful. There’s definitely a kind of adrenaline rush that makes the figure very physically powerful that I want to convey throughout this project, it’s the feeling that a surge of power is moving through your body that is out of control.  It’s a facial expression that I hope is frightening in terms of its emotional intensity.
Self-Portrait No. 34

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