Self-Portrait No. 33

I was able to finish off No. 33 today, which made me feel more productive. Since I started up again, I’ve finished three portraits which to me is a sign that I can definitely keep these going even during the semester when I’m busy teaching.  I constantly worry that I won’t be able to switch gears after a morning of teaching.  My former colleague Bill Flynn had a great saying for this that I keep repeating to myself:  “Just Start.”

This piece wasn’t the most fluid portrait I’ve worked on; I’ve noticed that any time a portrait involves hands, the drawing becomes a little more demanding in terms of time, and that I have to focus my energy in a different way. I find the hands to be difficult to do; the forms are larger and more simple, and there are fewer wrinkles in the skin to enhance the form.  However, since I introduced a some portraits a ways back with hands, I feel that it’s important to do at least a few more portraits with hands to make this consistent throughout the series. The concern is that if there are too few portraits with hands, in the context of fifty portraits, these pieces could be sore thumbs.

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