Book idea

Self-Portrait No. 36

I was talking to one of my colleagues the other day about this project.  Since I’ll be having a solo exhibition of these self-portraits in March/April 2012 at the RISD/Brown Hillel Gallery Project, he suggested that I consider the idea of creating a book to accompany the exhibition. I was really excited about the idea, as I think a book would be a terrific way to document and complete the project.  The majority of the time my work is seen almost exclusively online, and the thought of putting it in a print context sounds wonderful. I really think that nothing substitutes seeing your work in print, there’s something beautiful about seeing the work printed on paper that a digital image could never compete with. My first thought is to include a catalog essay and then to find a way to represent the portraits while also highlighting many details of the work. This work really doesn’t photograph very well; all of the details and textures on the surface of the drawings get lost in a digital image, so I’m hoping to show more of that in the book.

In the studio I finished Self-Portrait No. 36 today. (above) Fourteen to go.

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